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One thing: Abstract till you drop!

A code smell is some characteristic of your code that indicates that something may not be quite right with its design. We can use them to gently guide us towards better, easier to understand, more maintainable code. One smell I have found particularly useful to pay attention to is “too many private methods” (aka Methods should be public). Having many private methods can often be an indication that you are missing one or more abstractions.

To illustrate this I will take an example reproduced here from Uncle Bob’s post One thing:Extract till you drop I think that Bob’s approach here is excellent, as far as it goes, but that to really get to “One Thing” we need to push on by seeing what our extracted private methods can tell us about possible abstractions, and to ensure that not only do methods do one thing but that Classes as well should do one thing our mantra should be;

Extract till we drop


Abstract till we drop

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